Change Toner - Tips and Tricks

Frequently Asked Questions

Tips & Tricks

Never touch the coloured drum as it will leave marks on your prints

Never touch the fuser unit rollers, they are very hot (180 °C)

Keep paper sealed & in a cool dry place

Keep consumables in a cool dry place

Keep your machine away from direct sunlight, even indirect sunlight can result in machine discolouration

Never remove staples near your machine, a simple staple can cause hundreds of dollars damage

Beware of jewellery scratching drums when installing consumables

Paper Constantly Jamming??

Fan the paper before installation

Remove all paper from the cassette & check no corners are folded over anywhere

Check cassette guides are adjusted correctly

Paper has a natural curl, when you open a ream at the package seal, install the paper seal-side up (some reams have an arrow, print this face first)

Remove the paper from your cassette & turn it over

Check where the paper jams for obstructions in the paper path, but never use sharp objects like scissors to remove anything you may find

Removing Jams??

Always remove jams in the direction of travel to avoid leaving a paper fragment buried deep within the machine

Part of Prints Missing??

All inkjet printers can suffer clogged print heads - check your user manual & use the head cleaning feature to clean the print heads, also included is a nozzle check feature (you may need to do this several times)

Faint Prints??

Try printing on both sides of a piece of paper, if it comes out faded on the first side, but perfect on the second side, the paper is damp - either install fresh paper or print off blank pages to remove the moisture & re-use

Black Marks on Prints??

Try fitting another cart to see if the problem lies in the cart or the machine

Coloured Marks on Prints??

Some carts have a drum built in, try fitting another cart of the same colour to see if the problem lies in the cart or the machine. Some machines have separate toner & drum carts, in this case try replacing the relevant drum

Out of One Colour??

Some printers include the option to print "black only" in the printer driver - select this so you can at least print in black

Printing Weird Symbols??

This is usually a corrupt driver - delete your printer driver & download a fresh driver from the manufacturers website


Always keep spare toners or inks on hand so you're not caught out when you need your printer the most

Paper Constantly Jamming??
Fan the paper before installation
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